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February 2010
Long term subscribers to Reference Point know that I occasionally write about Net Promoter Score (NPS), the  widely used methodology for increasing the percentage of "promoters" among a firm's customer base. As a reminder, "promoters" in NPS terminology means "enthusiastic references". In surveys that ask how likely they would be to recommend a firm to a colleague or friend, they answer with a 9 or 10 on a scale of 0 to 10-in other words, they'd be highly likely to do so.

Particularly for those customer reference professionals who take a long term view of their career in this profession, and approach reference management strategically, it's important to keep up with NPS. NPS is highly visible, both in the executive suite and in the media, and it is obviously relevant to reference management.

Last week I chaired the advanced track at the 2010 Net Promoter Conference in New York, which is put on by my friends at Satmetrix, and attended by around 400 people from an impressive lineup of businesses. Following, is my take on the state of NPS and its relevance to customer reference management. (In turn, Satmetrix VP of Research Dr. Laura Brooks is one of the keynoters at the upcoming 2010 Customer Reference Forum in Santa Clara.)

NPS is a compelling tool for building your pipeline of customer references

In my experience, many firms view "building the pipeline of customer references" as a tactical process only loosely related to performance and delivery. Rather, the focus is on things like incentives, reference agreements, discounts, perks and the like. Such an approach can get firms away from the fundamental reality of what it takes to create references: establishing strong emotional bonds with customers, and providing great products, services and solutions that meet high priority needs.

The NPS methodology deconstructs the process of building up a reference pipeline in a very thorough, and it seems to me, effective way. It includes regular assessment of how much of a firm's customer base is "referenceable," how much isn't, elaborate diagnostic tools for understanding why customers are or are not referenceable, and processes for turning those who aren't proomoters-that is, the "neutrals" and "detractors"- into promoters.

These processes include interventions into delivery and performance and include direct involvement of senior management to make sure these happen.

So, if your firm wants to get serious about building its pipeline of enthusiastic customer references, the NPS methodology is worth a closer look for that reason alone.

NPS does not leverage the promoters it so diligently helps to create

Remarkably, the NPS approach focuses on creating promoters only for the purpose of getting them to buy-it makes no provision for leveraging their desire to promote! And that leaves a lot of value that these customers can provide on the table.

I'd be curious as to how many B2B firms out there are diligently building their NPS scores and their stables of promoters, yet not proactively organizing them into reference programs, social media networks, online communities, user groups, and the like.

NPS, like other widely used customer initiatives such as customer loyalty and customer experience, isn't coming close to mining the full range of value that customers can provide, as the following graphics illustrate:

Mining that untapped value is the next logical step in the progression of NPS programs. I'm already exploring this with some key people in the NPS world. I'll keep you posted.

All the best,

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