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November 2009
Over the past year or so, customer reference programs have matured and become more strategic at a rapid rate. Which is rather remarkable in a down economy, suggesting that as companies work through the critical process of figuring out what programs are important to their business, reference programs are part of the cream that's risen to the top.

I've collected some benchmarks stats - a lot of which will get the attention of senior executives including your CFO -  here and here.

Basically they show that:
- traditional lead generation and branding efforts aren't working for B2B firms, and they know this.
- there is growing recognition that what is needed is no big mystery: developing deeper customer relationships, or customer engagement.
- customer programs that engage decision-makers dramatically improve account growth rates, retention rates, and redeemability rates.

Customer reference programs are positioned to play a critical role in this shift in thinking. But the key is that they must not be regarded as stand alone "programs," but as part - an important part - of a broader customer engagement effort. Here are some specific examples of how reference programs are doing so, taken from last month's Summit on Customer Engagement:

- From what I've seen, Intel is leading the way in integrating its reference program, including its reference content, into its successful social media efforts. And with dramatic impacts. For example, between 2007 and 2009:
- the number of qualified prospects generated by Intel's social media activities has gone from 20 per month to 250 per month.
- average reference response times have gone down from 1-2 days to 1-2 hours.
- average page views of content, including reference content, has gone from 100 views per month to 10,000 views per month.

- In addition to the superb work Infor's Abby Atkinson does in showing how the very presence of customer reference programs improves sales productivity (and thus impacts revenue) she's not keeping data on usage of the Infor reference program by top sales people: in 2008 37% of Top Sales People (members of Infor's Circle of Excellence) used Infor's reference program. In 2009 80% of Top Sales People used the reference program.

- SAS Canada has integrated its reference program with its other customer engagement programs, including user groups, key account customers, and academics (a rich source of future customers). As a result, SAS Canada has improved customers' license renewal rates by 10%, which translates into more than $5 million per year in revenues. The integration efforts have also dramatically improved "customer engagement" scores, based on customer surveys, by some 50%. Also, SAS Canada's successful integration efforts allow a relatively small team to provide a far greater variety of customer promotional efforts than they'd otherwise be able to do working separately.

- National Instruments has implemented an important new role for customer reference programs: using them to help the firm transform its business from selling technical products to strategic solutions. The reference program uses its skills in developing case studies to develop Business Impact Case Studies (BICS) and Best Practices Scorecard (BPS) that help teach NI sales people on how to engage with higher level business buyers.

- Kronos is leveraging its reference program to attract strategic customers into its early adaptor programs, thus solving a common problem: over time, satisfied customer references who don't upgrade can't tout newer versions of a product or solution to sales prospects.

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Quantum Corporation has an immediate opening available for a Public Relations and Customer Reference Manager in San Jose, CA.

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inEvidence, the customer reference specialist is seeking amazing case study writers based in Japan (native Japanese speakers) to add to its global team. If you are an exceptional writer with a proven track record of creating customer reference materials for global technology organizations

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Barbara Goldsmith is seeking a contract position, either part or full-time, in the customer reference field.  Barbara has 10 years of experience as a customer reference project manager outreaching to clients' customers in the high tech industry. Most recently Barbara has managed  the customer reference initiative for some of Oracle's recent acquisitions. Her experience includes outreaching to a client's customers, engaging  customers in reference activities such as case studies, success stories, customer quotes, press and analyst briefings, speaking engagements, etc. in support of particular products a customer purchased.  Customer reference opportunities showcased how various products solved a business problem, the benefit received, and cost savings to the business as a result. To see her resume, please click on her name.

Chris Jennings, who formerly managed i2 Technologies' customer reference program, is seeking a new customer programs position. During his seven years at i2, he facilitated over 1,500 references, enrolled over 200 of i2's 380 maintenance paying customers into the reference program and helped close nearly $75M in new business. In addition, he established numerous senior level relationships with many of the worlds best Fortune 500 companies. Chris is based in Connecticut and can be reached on his mobile phone at 203-895-2026 or chris_jennings22@yahoo.com. To view his resume, please click on his name.

Mary Olian, who formerly managed the client reference  program worldwide for IBM's InfoSphere brand, is seeking a full-time or consulting position. Mary is an accomplished marketing professional with expertise  in developing and executing marketing programs aligned with corporate  objectives across multiple organizations and distribution channels worldwide. She is known for leveraging persuasive communications with customers to secure their participation in reference activities, to help drive sales growth, demand generation, and brand awareness. Mary can be reached at maryolian@gmail.com. To view her resume, please click on her name above.

Laurene Price is seeking a consulting or permanent position in the Customer Reference Management field. Laurene's experience includes working with customers and sales teams to develop and maintain references, creating systems requirements for reference reporting systems, and acting as a point of contact within the company for reference data and policies. To see her resume, please click on her name.

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